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Argentine tango is danced in an embrace
that can vary from very open, in which
leader and follower connect at arms
length, to very closed, in which the
connection is chest-to-chest, or anywhere
in between.

Tango dance is essentially walking with a
partner and the music. Dancing
appropriately to the emotion and speed of
a tango is extremely important to dancing
tango. A good dancer is one who
transmits a feeling of the music to the
partner, leading them effectively
throughout the dance. Also, dancers
generally keep their feet close to the floor
as they walk, the ankles and knees
brushing as one leg passes the other.

Argentine tango dancing relies heavily on
improvisation; although certain patterns of
movement have been codified by
instructors over the years as a device to
instruct dancers, there is no "basic step."
One of the few constants across all
Argentine tango dance styles is that the
follower will usually be led to alternate feet.
Another is that the follower rarely has his
or her weight on both feet at the same
time. In many modern variations of
Argentine Tango, particularly in Europe,
teachers of Tango may establish a "basic
step" in order to help students to learn and
pick up the "feel" of the dance.
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