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Argentine tango is danced
counterclockwise around the outside of
the dance floor (the "line of dance") and
dance "traffic" often segregates into a
number of "lanes"; cutting across the
middle of the floor is frowned upon.

In general, the middle of the floor is where
one finds either beginners who lack floor
navigation skills or people who are
performing "showy" figures or patterns
that take up more dance floor space. It is
acceptable to stop briefly in the line of
dance to perform stationary figures, as
long as the other dancers are not unduly

The school of thought about this is, if there
is open space in front, there are likely
people waiting behind. Dancers are
expected to respect the other couples on
the floor; colliding or even crowding
another couple, or stepping on others' feet
is to be avoided strenuously. It is
considered rude; in addition to possible
physical harm rendered, it can be
disruptive to a couple's musicality.
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