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3 directions straight
3 directions bent
lapiz forward
high lapiz
lapiz back

More organised lists to come
pivot feet together
pivot from cross
pivot from lapiz forward
pivot from lapiz back
pivot from high lapiz forward
pivot from high lapiz back
transfer of weight side
transfer of weight cross forward
transfer of weight cross back
boleo low
boleo high
boleo back low
boleo back high
boleo forward low
boleo forward stretch low
boleo forward flick low
boleo forward flick high
boleo forward high cross
boleo forward high angle
pivot from 3 directions streight
pivot from 3 directions bent
length of a step normal
length of a step small
length of a step large
transfer of weight complete
transfer of weight using the floor
tranfer of weight sudden
brushing ankles
brushing knees
using the floor versus using gravity
dancing walk and street walk
maintaining the turnout
transfer of weight arriving position
transfer of weight collecting position
prepare transfer arrive collect prepare
static pivoting at the wall
static forward ocho at the wall
static back ocho at the wall
static planeo at the wall
static mid boleo planeo at the wall
dynamic pivoting forward
dynamic pivoting back
dynamic pivoting planeo
dynamic pivoting cross (enrosque)
rebound 3 directions
cross forward from rebound
cross back from rebound
cross side to the wrong side forward
cross side to the wrong side back
change direction 90 degrees
change direction with cross back
change direction with cross forward
cortado right cross forward
cortado right cross back
cortado left cross forward
cortado left cross back
diagonal for cross forward
diagonal for cross back
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