We teach tango in various places in
different days. This section provides a
mapp based spatial overview of where you
can find us and when
Tango Salon does not refer to a single
specific way of dancing tango. Rather, it
is literally tango as it is danced socially in
the salons (dance halls) of Buenos Aires.

Salon tango was danced throughout the
Golden Era of Argentine Tango (1935–
1952) when milongas (tango parties)
were held in large dance venues and full
tango orchestras performed. Salon tango
is often characterized by slow, measured,
and smoothly executed moves, never
moving against the line-of-dance, and
respecting the space of other dancers on
the floor around them.

The emphasis is on precision,
smoothness, musicality, good navigation,
and following the códigos (tango
etiquette) of the salons. The couple
embraces closely, with some variants
having a flexible embrace, opening
slightly to make room for various figures
and closing again for support and poise.
The walk is the most important element,
and dancers usually walk 60%-70% of the
time during a tango song.

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