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Argentine tango dancing consists of a
variety of styles that developed in
different regions and eras and in
response to the crowding of the venue
and even the fashions in clothing.

It is danced in an embrace that can vary
from very open, in which man and
woman connect at arms length, to very
closed, in which the connection is
chest-to-chest, or anywhere in between.

Styles of dance are not predefined by
the embrace itself and many figures of
tango salon style are danced in an
open embrace, it is also possible to
dance tango nuevo in close V-shape

The milonguero (apilado) style is an
exception; its close embrace without
V-shape and emphasis on maintaining
this embrace throughout the dance
predetermines range of possible
movements and their shape.
Beginners open class. No need for a partner
(although it helps to bring one).  £15/pp
Tuesdays: 7-9 + practica. Join any day but
call first to book.

6 weeks courses £180 per couple
Tuesdays: 7-9 + practica Starts: 19/03/2013
Couples only!

Ember Bar
100 Turnmill St
50% off for men -
Discounted tickets
for couples
  £ 135
You go out to socialise with friends but
usually next day you wake up with a
hangover and a nagging regret that you
did it again. Break the cycle! Start
dancing and everything will get better.
You keep fit. You meet good people. You
make friends.

Improves your posture and style. Improves
self esteem.  Improves relationships.
Normal prices
6 weeks course £90pp (couples only)
One to one classes £90pp / hour
Performances for any occasion from £500
Wedding dance preparation from £500
Group/Corporate tickets from - £700